(Includes ILM L7 Cert in Business Improvement)

Duration: 7 days

This 7 day ILM qualification is designed for managers, HR, OD professionals and those wanting to become a professional coach. It’s also for professional coaches and mentors seeking to enhance and accredit their experience with a nationally recognized qualification.

The course includes three modules:

1. Understand the Context of coaching and mentoring in a strategic business environment.
2. Undertake coaching at a senior or strategic level.
3. Review your own ability to perform effectively as a senior management coach.

These three moduless consist of 47 hours of structured learning. In addition you will be expected to undertake 20 hours of coaching with senior managers, plus additional reading and reflection.

What’s different about Embrion’s programme?

There are a number of ILM Approved Centre’s in the UK. What’s different about our approach is the quality of our trainers and our material. In addition to the core syllabus we provide additional material, to help stretch your knowledge and help you develop the skills to start planning for your own coaching business or make best use of coaching in your organization. We provide an extensive pack of materials, plus a free copy of one of the UK’s bets selling coaching books Excellence in Coaching, written by one of our team, and provide expert guide to steer you through the assessment process.

Benefits for you

  • Know how to review and build the context, strategy, culture and processes for coaching and mentoring at a senior and    strategic level
  • Understand and analyse different coaching and mentoring models and their impact
  • Learn how to evaluate the effectiveness of coaching and mentoring in an organisation
  • Critically review your own communication skills, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills and values, to assess your    competence as a coach or mentor
  • Plan, deliver and review coaching and mentoring contact with clients at a senior and strategic level

Benefits for your employer

  • Implement coaching in complex working environments or at a senior and strategic level in your organisation
  • Ensure the your organisation’s coaches and mentors are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and    ethical understanding they need
  • Benchmark your organisation’s approach against the latest best practise
  • Measurable impact from coaching and mentoring sessions carried out as part of this qualification

For further details about the qualification you can download a copy of the full syllabus from ILM’s website.

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