Embrion offers a range of questionnaires and tools to help you and your business move towards building a high performance culture.


Learn more about your organization and take the next important step

empower is our coaching culture audit tool, which allows you to gather information about the development of a coaching culture within your organization.

Our empower audit will give you an understanding of best practice in coaching. We’ll develop the next steps for your business to further develop your coaching culture, using external and internal coaches. We’ll assess your manager’s use of a coaching leadership style and also how coaching can be used beyond the boundaries of your organization.

The result is an independent audit, with credible and highly valuable conclusions for the evolution of your organization.

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Understand your workforce’s attitudes to creating a generative health and safety culture

heartbeat is Embrion’s unique on-line QHSE employee engagement and evaluation tool. It’s simple and low cost, giving you an understanding of employee attitudes across every aspect of your business, team by team, factory by factory or region by region.

The tool allows you to run quick and low cost employee surveys, either monthly or quarterly, producing valuable and credible data that will help your organization evolve safety policies for the future.

It’s confidential and independent too, with surveys hosted on a bespoke heartbeat site, encouraging open responses and higher response rates.

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Understanding risk in safety critical environments

In your safety critical environment it’s essential that you know everything about how your team member will cope, adapt and make decisions. radar provides a psychological assessment of attitudes towards risk within your organization. You can profiles your team, individuals or potential employees.

radar is based on three years of psychological research and provides a unique insight by proving both personality self-assessment questions and risk ability tasks.

Organizations can use the tool as part of the interview process to identify areas that can be explored in more detail during the interview. The tool can also be used with existing team members to identify their risk profiles; identified gaps that can be addressed through coaching or personal development.

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Leadership development increases productivity as well as employee well-being and positivity

Transform is Embrion’s 360-degree leadership development tool. It’s the only proven 360 leadership questionnaire designed for leaders working in safety critical and high hazard environments for increasing engagement and performance. It transforms managers into leaders.

The questionnaire is based on unique research, assessing the impact of leadership on productivity over sustained timescales. The research tool tracks the leadership styles that work best for your organisation, resulting in a sustainable, optimal performance.

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