Leadership development can cover a multitude of topics and processes. Our approach is to understand the organization, its values and the challenges it faces the coming 5 to 7 years. We believe that leadership development is about preparing the next group leaders for this coming challenge.

Our leadership development programme with a global oil and gas company reflected the demanding challenges of offshore safety leadership with a highly challenging safety environment in the oil and gas construction industry. The programme combined Active Learning within a classroom setting using short movie clips to stimulate engagement, psychological theory, and real play exercises to explore how to put ideas into practice. This was supported by one-to-one coaching, action learning sets and workplace projects that helped the leaders to transfer new insights into new behaviours on the back-deck of their vessels.

The success of this, our other programmes, is evidenced by both excellence client feedback, and National Awards. In this case we won the Association of the Business Psychologists’ Award for Excellence. This is just one of a number of awards we have one jointly with our clients.

We are the partner of choice for many leading businesses. Using our award-winning insight and knowledge to support their continued success.

We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals.

An accredited training provider delivering ‘best value’ set and bespoke courses with high pass rates that enhance your work force capability.

As thought-leaders and academics, we believe strongly in sharing our knowledge, experience and latest thinking across the industries we serve.

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