Leadership development increases productivity as well as employee well-being and positivity

Transform is Embrion’s 360-degree leadership development tool. It’s the only proven 360 leadership questionnaire designed for leaders working in safety critical and high hazard environments for increasing engagement and performance. It transforms managers into leaders.

The questionnaire is based on unique research, assessing the impact of leadership on productivity over sustained timescales. The research tool tracks the leadership styles that work best for your organisation, resulting in a sustainable, optimal performance.

 The transform leadership scales are business focused and build safety leadership that:

  • Improves individual and team functioning
  • Intentionally influences the wider organisational culture as well as own team
  • Increases collaboration and partnership working within and between organisations
  • Focuses on getting and keeping customers, and providing optimal value to service users
  • Focuses on safety
  • Has honesty and integrity at its core

Benefits of using the transform

Embrion’s transform will provide your managers with a new understanding of how they can be truly effective leaders.

The commonsense behaviours assessed by the transform will enable your people to enact a whole range of critical behaviours impacting on the bottom line and safety outcomes. They are proven to help maximise the potential within your organisation and will create greater productivity among employees, as well as more joined-up working.

Applying the transform tool means reducing stress and absenteeism, increasing employees’ motivation to achieve, satisfaction, commitment to their job and organisation, and self confidence. In short, it enables your leaders to get their job done more easily and effectively.

The transform model

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