Understanding risk in safety critical environments

In your safety critical environment it’s essential that you know everything about how your team member will cope, adapt and make decisions. radar provides a psychological assessment of attitudes towards risk within your organization. You can profiles your team, individuals or potential employees.

radar is based on three years of psychological research and provides a unique insight by proving both personality self-assessment questions and risk ability tasks.

Organizations can use the tool as part of the interview process to identify areas that can be explored in more detail during the interview. The tool can also be used with existing team members to identify their risk profiles; identified gaps that can be addressed through coaching or personal development.

To get the best results, radar uses an entertaining and recreational environment. Your teams will feel like they are undertaking a genuine task, while their decisions, timings and tasks are monitored and assessed, with the data feeding into a unique algorithm to identify specific risk profiles. The collected information is highly valuable and overcomes flaws with traditional self-assessment applications, where individuals may overestimate their own levels of competency.

radar tells you what you need to know about your workforce, applying scientific methodology to the emotional, cognitions and behaviours of your teams.

Benefits of using the radar

Embrion’s radar will provide you with a risk and decision making profile for each employee, or potential employee. This information can be used as part of a wider assessment process or as a tool for personal development for existing employees.

Applying the radar tool can help you to reduce risks by selecting, deploying the right staff and developing those at the greatest risk. In short, it should be an integral part of your QHSE people recruitment and development strategy.

The radar model

radar analysis five areas to produce a unique report for each participant. The report includes detailed review of each area and a self-coaching guide to help individuals plan their next steps. Check out our video for further information about the tool or contact us for a free sample survey.


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