Understand your workforce’s attitudes to creating a generative health and safety culture

heartbeat is Embrion’s unique on-line QHSE employee engagement and evaluation tool. It’s simple and low cost, giving you an understanding of employee attitudes across every aspect of your business, team by team, factory by factory or region by region.

The tool allows you to run quick and low cost employee surveys, either monthly or quarterly, producing valuable and credible data that will help your organization evolve safety policies for the future.

It’s confidential and independent too, with surveys hosted on a bespoke heartbeat site, encouraging open responses and higher response rates.

Using heartbeat is fast and universal, with most users completing a survey in less than a minute. It doesn’t matter where you are either – the tool has been designed to work effectively in low-bandwidth environments, whether at sea or in more remote locations across the globe.

The tool lets you engage with your workforce on QHSE specific issues as well as raising the profile of QHSE priorities. You can also “deep dive” into your collected data, comparing workers in different locations as well as gaining insights into attitudes from different workforce groups, including age, gender or length of service.

heartbeat is low cost and high value. Talk to us about how you can understand your workforce and create a generative health and safety culture.

Benefits of using the heartbeat

Embrion’s heartbeat questionnaire is a way to engage your workforce, evaluate QHSE interventions and monitor employee attitudes across your global workforce.

By tracking the results over time you can build an in-depth understanding of the changing attitudes of your workforce and your movement towards a generative safety culture.

The heartbeat model

heartbeat uses three different lens to review your employees perceptions of quality, health, safety and environment, all based against the five stage generative culture model. Check out our video for further information about the tool or contact us for a free sample survey.



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