The changing nature of work has made workplaces demanding and stressful environments. How can organisations get the best performance from their people and also support employee well-being.

The research evidence suggest these two aims can be achieved, as individuals who are resilient and focused are likely to out-perform those who are easily distracted, stress or feel over-worked.

At Embrion we draw on research evidence to create well-being programmes that can support employees and enhance organizational performance.

Workplace Bullying & Harassment

Workplace bullying has become a common problem. In some instances this leads to grievance, employment tribunals, and even suicides. We have experience of working in environments where bullying has become a feature. Of helping individuals develop strategies for managing inappropriate behaviours or unwelcome attention, and helping individuals to work together to start changing the culture towards one which supports individuals and welcomes diversity.

Well being strategy

We can work with you to build an employee well being programme, starting by a workforce engagement survey and culminating in a strategy that will reduce employee absenteeism, employee turnover and employee stress.


Resilience is a key feature of many of our strategies. Resilience is sometimes known as mental toughness, and refers to how individuals internally manage unpleasant or negative events; from criticism and bullying, to losing a tender or facing redundancy.

We can measure resilience through tools such as MTQ48, providing individuals with a score and a personal development plan. We can also help individuals develop their personal resilience levels using the 4C model and cognitive behavioural based training.

Our approach is to helps individuals to become more effective at coping with stress, in focusing on their key priorities rather than being distracted by low level issues and building personal confidence and self esteem, which are both associated with superior performance.


A second common feature of our strategies is mindfulness training or mindfulness mediations. The term ‘mindfulness’ can often create strong responses as its often associated with Buddhist practice or out of work relaxation techniques.

At Embrion we have looked at the science of mindfulness and how through regular practice, individuals can change their brain wave patterns, increase their concentration, experience higher levels of satisfaction and achieve more goal directed behaviour.

Since we have started running workshops in Mindfulness, and helping clients to start using techniques such as the body scan or focused attention, the feedback has encouraged us to widen this area of our work from coaching into wider employee well-being programmes.

What next?

Work can provide people with joy and challenge. It provides places for people to share their ideas, create wealth, as well as meaning and purpose for themselves and others. If you want a workplace that liberates your people, which treats employees as individuals and which focuses on both profit and people, we will be delighted to talk to you about how you can create workplaces for the 21 Century.

We are the partner of choice for many leading businesses. Using our award-winning insight and knowledge to support their continued success.

We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals.

An accredited training provider delivering ‘best value’ set and bespoke courses with high pass rates that enhance your work force capability.

As thought-leaders and academics, we believe strongly in sharing our knowledge, experience and latest thinking across the industries we serve.

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