Evolving the way you do business - reducing costs and improving quality

At Embrion we blend the highly successful methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma with a psychology based coaching approach which is proven to deliver sustainable growth.

We can work with you to promote a culture of continuous business improvement. Our approach will help you to reduce costs and improve quality through training your teams in Lean methods, as well as providing consultancy support to help you develop a culture of continuous improvement.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean and Six Sigma are methods developed in the manufacturing sector to help organizations to reduce waste (Lean) and to improve quality (Six Sigma). It is now widely recognized that these business improvement processes have wider application, and can be equally applied to service improvement in retail as well as oil and gas, and public services.

Lean combines with Six Sigma to help you to view your organization from a new perspective, providing a universal and proven methodology to help you to manage and improve quality and performance within your company whilst also reducing waste and inefficiency.

Together, Lean and Six Sigma deliver a highly complementary skill-set, one that is widely applicable to a broad range of sectors. Put simply, “Lean is doing the right things, Six Sigma is doing things right.”

Lean Six Sigma in health and public services

At Embrion we have also been applying the methodologies with public sector clients, helping the NHS and local government to look critically at their processes to improve efficiency and reduce waste.

We have run training sessions for clients in local government, the health service and universities to help them develop their in-house capabilities to undertake organizational reviews, as well their first round of projects.

Lean Six Sigma in Oil & Gas

At Embrion we have been pioneering the application of these methodologies to the oil and gas sector. We believe Lean Six Sigma, improving quality and reducing waste, have a lot to offer the oil and gas sector in the current climate.

We ran the first Oil and Gas Lean Six Sigma Conference in Aberdeen and we continue to support the development of the Continuous Improvement Network for the oil and gas sector; helping organizations work together to improve efficiency.

Our experience however does not stop there. We have worked in manufacturing and other sectors sharing our knowledge to help organizations take control of their costs and develop their in-house competence in these methodologies, enabling them to create sustainable change for themselves.

What next?

If you want to reduce costs, cut waste and improve efficiency: If you want to improve the perception of your product in your customers eyes: If you want to get better and better at what you do: We would be delighted to talk to you to help you enhance the profitability and cost effectiveness of your organization.

We are the partner of choice for many leading businesses. Using our award-winning insight and knowledge to support their continued success.

We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals.

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As thought-leaders and academics, we believe strongly in sharing our knowledge, experience and latest thinking across the industries we serve.

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