Embrion provides a wide range of services for clients in the UK, Europe and across the world all of which are designed to help develop high performance cultures.
We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals.

Unlocking an individual’s potential

Developing leadership talent is reported to be the number one challenge facing organizations in the eyes of board directors. The questions they often ask are: ‘How can we develop our people?’,  ‘How can we unlock their potential’?  ‘How can we ensure our people are able to respond to the challenges of a complex, connected, multi-cultural world?’

We believe leadership development programmes need to equip managers to work in diverse, connected, complex and multiple stakeholder environments. These are environments where managers require skills in persuasion, managing complexity, living with ambiguity, working with multi-national teams and managing the ‘always-on’ world.

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Thought Leaders in Coaching

Embrion is a thought leader in coaching services. It’s our team's research writing and publications which underpin many coach training courses across the UK, and beyond.

We are an ILM Approved Centre and our team members have contributed as external advisors to ILM on course development. We have collaborated with them to develop best practice guidance and research publications as well as regularly speak at ILM events. All of this means we can bring expertise and deep understanding of coaching and ILM practice to our training.

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Evolving the way you do business - reducing costs and improving quality

At Embrion we blend the highly successful methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma with a psychology based coaching approach which is proven to deliver sustainable growth.

We can work with you to promote a culture of continuous business improvement. Our approach will help you to reduce costs and improve quality through training your teams in Lean methods, as well as providing consultancy support to help you develop a culture of continuous improvement.

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Motivational Interviewing

MI is powerful tool for helping individuals to explore their ambivalence for change and for developing the motivation for making a change.

The approach has been widely applied from health to organisational settings, and there is strong evidence that MI is a power tool for encouraging individuals to develop the intrinsic motivation which makes sustained change possible.

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At Embrion we believe in the power of positive change. Traditional change methodologies can create resistance by assuming change is negative. We take a different view. We believe that people across the organization have immense potential which if harnessed can deliver transformational change.

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The changing nature of work has made workplaces demanding and stressful environments. How can organisations get the best performance from their people and also support employee well-being.

The research evidence suggest these two aims can be achieved, as individuals who are resilient and focused are likely to out-perform those who are easily distracted, stress or feel over-worked.

At Embrion we draw on research evidence to create well-being programmes that can support employees and enhance organizational performance.

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We are the partner of choice for many leading businesses. Using our award-winning insight and knowledge to support their continued success.

We help our clients make lasting improvements to their performance and realise their most important goals.

An accredited training provider delivering ‘best value’ set and bespoke courses with high pass rates that enhance your work force capability.

As thought-leaders and academics, we believe strongly in sharing our knowledge, experience and latest thinking across the industries we serve.

Stay current with our quarterly bulletin with the latest insights and research from our expert team at Embrion.

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